September 2017

Dear Business Owner,

Are you aware that your local sports teams currently have their games broadcast on live internet radio every week? It’s true and we at TV5 / ORNRadio.Net welcome your company to be a part of these broadcasts. Currently on Friday nights, the Liberty Center Tiger football team games are on the air for fans all over the United States to hear. Come winter, the boy’s basketball games will be on as well. In the spring baseball and softball.

The purpose of this correspondence is to ask if you would consider being a sponsor of these broadcasts. You may wish to be an advertiser of one or two particular games, or just want to help out with every airing. We will mention you on the air as a LC Tiger promoter or if you have an advertisement you’d like to have run, that is also possible.

You can make a donation per season of $200.00 (Football, Basketball, Baseball) you will be mentioned on our sponsor list, or if you want your commercial run (a minimum of 2 times) during the broadcast its $50 per week, If you don’t have a commercial, the professionals at TV5 /ORN will create one for you.

What does this money go for?

1. We create a Game DVD with our broadcast for each HS athlete (Apx 1000 DVDs per year)
2. Replacement of ORN/TV5 equipment used to make these broadcast possible
3. Broadcast fees, All OHSAA Playoff games are pay to broadcast.

We at TV5 / ORNRadio have been bringing these broadcast to the LC community since 1996 and want to continue this for generations to come.

If you have questions or you want to help sponsor these broadcast, please contact.. Mark Bly 419-466-9406 , Or Karen Savage 419-654-2409

Make all checks payable to ORNRadio, LLC

P.O. Box 174
Liberty Center, Ohio. 43532

Visit us on the web at